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Fresh unrest at Georgetown Prison

In the wake of the fiery death of 16  inmates of the Georgetown Prison,  prisoners there Friday morning  began fresh unrest.

Police were summoned to the maximum security prison to respond to the inmates making loud noises in one of the corridors, a top police officer told Demerara Waves Online News.

The police officer said the prisoners were also pelting bricks at prison wardens.  No fires have been lit but several of them have escaped through a hole in the wall of Section C.

Several other inmates are still hospitalized following the worst prison riot in Guyana’s history.

The inmates had originally become angered after security forces search the jail and found a quantity of narcotics, cellular phones and other prohibited items.

  • SYL

    Dear Emile its reported that its prohibited items that were found in the jail, and the prisoners , whoever they may be are angry. That’s the same anger why most of them are there and wasting the tax payers money. My friends wake up and smell the coffee . If they are innocent and are in prison, rioting would not solve the problem. Ask the Great Nelson Mandela [RIP ] , THAT GENTLEMAN SUFFERED . There are many other civil ways to protest and get your voiced heard, and receive justice.Here they are again, as reported making trouble today Friday. Emile find solutions for them,Tell them to write the human rights org. and plead their case, and stop being dumb, by fighting in a iron wall,. How the hell can you fight and ignite fire and you are locked in an iron wall, its senseless, regardless of your frustration. YOU WILL ONLY BURN. THEY VIOLATED THE LAW BY HAVING ITEMS TO START A FIRE.I rest my case on this matter.

    • Col123

      We need to determine how they got those items… Strict and enforcible standard operating procedures may require review…

      • SYL

        Bro. all the prisons in the world the same lawless things occur .

        Family and friends take the devices and other items into the prisons, and in many instances the security assist and collect some cash for the transaction. ITS BUSINESS AS USUAL.

  • SYL

    It seems that you need one of these guys to visit your family and assault you and your love ones then call it rubbish if you are still standing. People like you guys don’t get it. Its called obey the law, and also victims first have rights. Then you go solve the problem bro. Its nice to chatter and blame and criticize Hello sir stop blaming the system, you and I and others are in the system, but not in jail.Now you said the prison sys. is based on punishment, if you were not guilty you would not be in prison.BE LAW ABIDING, AND STOP THE BLAME GAME! They are a few exception to the rule where people are “framed”. otherwise most people that find themselves in jail anywhere in the world are lawless. PUNTO FINALE! Have a great weekend.