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D’urban Street-based Guinness Bar cashier assaulted

A cashier attached to Guinness Bar on Durban street was late Wednesday night assaulted and was rushed to the hospital in an unknown condition.

Initial reports indicate that two armed men stormed the establishment and attempted to carry out a robbery. It is unclear whether the men made off with any booty.

The cashier was beaten severely on his head and the men escaped on a motorcycle. He recovered and was taken to a hospital. Sources said he has recovered.

  • SYL

    So let the fire burn, they violated someone’s rights that’s the reason they are there, now some of them are doing the same thing in the prison. These people don’t have any intention to change. They are social plebs, so let the fire burn, and tax payers money would be used for the education of the children. The next time let the fire burn and those that survive, place at the Mazzaruni location.

    • Col123

      Syl…Not an appealing idea..they were awaiting trial…some were…we have had some good folks in prison..Mr Mandela,Gandhi,Dr King…We simply lack the resources to rehab prisoners but that does not mean we should not try…There is a cure for everything …we simply have not found it…yet!