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PPPC’s Clive Jagan resigns from parliament

Dr. Clive Jagan as he took the Oath as a parliamentarian last year.

Dr. Clive Jagan as he took the Oath as a parliamentarian last year.

People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) parliamentarian, Dr. Clive Jagan has resigned as a Guyanese law-maker, House Speaker, Dr. Barton Scotland announced.

He said Jagan’s resignation takes effect 10th February, 2016.

The Speaker has since taken steps to advise the Representative of the PPPC’s list to name a  replacement.

Earlier this month, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo confirmed that Jagan had been overseas receiving medical treatment. Jagan, a well-known city dentist, was expected to return to Guyana late February or early March.

Records show that of the 23 sittings so far after the May 11, 2015 general elections, Jagan has been absent from six sittings, two of which- 18thand 19th– he did not give notice to the National Assembly.

However, from sittings 20 to 23 he had been granted leave to be away.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Is he sick or is he sick of Jagdeo? It has to dawn on at least a few reasonable cup bearers that Jagdeo is the worst thing for the PPP going forward.

    • Danny Persaud

      Can u plz..tell us why jagdeo pull you out the cookie jar and give u salt an vinegar to drink..I guess u lost ur mind the douse was too strong..ppl like u keep grunting everyday without any satisfaction..shm..granger an his colleagues care less of u..they r happy..while ur hungry..they care more about the next president of jagdeo..
      So get up an try to elevate ur self from that gutter life u matter who rule Guyana pnc …PPP ppl like u will always b at ground zero…because of ur racial ways..

    • KassemB

      ‘Is he sick or is he sick of Jagdeo?’
      Not possible for anything else to enter your brain?
      No flexibility whatsoever in the program

    • Musa

      I see that you are still hung up on Jagdeo!
      You clearly have a fixation with the great man!

  • Dante Desouza

    JAGDEO is the best thing for the ppp, let not your heart b troubled, there is lots more jagdeo & donald IN the ppp u have ANIL,IRFAN ,CHARLES ,MANICKCHAN & I think clive smell your from your last visit emile.