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Former Health Minister Blackman arrested in New York for alleged illegal prescription of narcotic painkiller

Dr. Noel Blackman.

Dr. Noel Blackman.

United States Federal authorities arrested a former Minister of Health of Guyana, Noel Blackman who they suspect illegally prescribed vast amounts of oxycodone — 365,000 pills in 2015 — in a drug-dealing enterprise spanning three states.

Blackman was recently appointed to chair the Board of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

The New York Newsday reported that Federal authorities arrested the Long Island doctor late Sunday at Kennedy Airport they

Agents took Noel Blackman, 68, into custody after they ordered a Guyana-bound jet taxiing for take off with Blackman aboard to return to an airport terminal.

The Herald Courier reported that federal agents were tipped off that the Guyana native planned to leave the country permanently and ordered a jet bound for the South American country to return as it was taxiing for takeoff.

Officials say $30,000 was stashed in the Far Rockaway doctor’s luggage.

Blackman was arraigned Monday in Central Islip on a charge of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone.
Records show he wrote 114 prescriptions in 2014 for about 3,800 oxycodone pills and nearly 2,500 prescriptions for about 365,000 pills last year.

His attorney declined to comment.

Blackman, a major partner in HBTV Channel Nine, served as Health Minister under the then People’s National Congress-led administration of then President Desmond Hoyte.

  • Emile_Mervin

    The ‘other drug trade’ is largely ignored because the drugs are actually legal, some even FDA approved. This is not the first case like this and it won’t be the last.

    What is teachable about this, however, is that the Feds turned back the plane as it headed for the runway just to stop their target from leaving. In Guyana, a guy steals US$135,000, promises to repay it and is allowed to leave Guyana. No blacklisting. No airplane being barred from leaving CJIA. Then the local authorities want Interpol to help send the thief back to Guyana.

    And here I am thinking we had enough comedy material from the PPP to last us until the next election cycle.

  • Col123

    “alleged illegal prescription of narcotic pain killer” makes this Physician innocent until proven guilty…period. No indication of his specialty from the media. Are these 114 prescriptions renewable?..spanning three states?….was this MD licensed in three states..gosh…journalism at its best here! These folks got a story and just wing it for its seems….

  • Col123

    JC :…How did you get to the point where “you know that you are already on the wrong side of the law”…please

  • Col123

    JC: in several countries and in the US makes you an authority on how the Feds operate.?…sitting on a perch in New York does not make a genius out of anyone..