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Drought forces water rationing in areas of Georgetown

Shelter Belt Water Treatment Plant, Vlissengen Road, Georgetown (Kaieteur News photo)

Shelter Belt Water Treatment Plant, Vlissengen Road, Georgetown (Kaieteur News photo)

Rationing of water being supplied to residents of Georgetown from the Shelter Belt Water Treatment Facility begins Wednesday night (3rd February, 2016) from 10 O’clock due to the current drought.

The Guyana Water Inc. explains that this is as a result of another decrease in the level of the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) due to the prolonged dry season.

As a result, GWI will be reducing service provided to customers of Georgetown via the Shelter-Belt Water Treatment Facility from 22:00hours (10:00PM), commencing today, Wednesday February 3, 2016.

GWI customers are asked to store water in light of this advisory.

Customers are reminded to ensure that water for food preparation, brushing of teeth, etc is stored in a tightly covered container to avoid contamination.

Customers country-wide are reminded to implement the following water conservation methods:

  • Citizens are asked to CHECK ALL internal plumbing for leaks (including toilet cisterns, taps, etc.)
  • REDUCE the amount of times in which you wash your car, equipment, etc. with water supplied by GWI
  • DESIST from washing concrete surfaces (such as your yard or bridge) with water provided by GWI
  • IMMEDIATELY install ‘float-valves’ in water tanks to prevent overflows
  • Contact GWI IMMEDIATELY to report leaks detected in your community on 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704

Customers with further questions can contact GWI’s Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704, e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]  Visit or post queries via social media:

Tweet GWI @guyanawaterinc

The Public Relations Department can also be contacted via Blackberry Messenger PIN # 5926AF13

  • waterman14

    It is unbelievable, and quite obvious, that the Guyana Water Inc (GWI)
    has no drought plan in place to deal with the adverse impacts of El
    Nino. The advice issued by the GWI is next to useless. A drought plan
    includes at least three levels of concern accompanied by increasing
    levels of corresponding enforcement. GWI continues to demonstrate
    blatant disregard for my free advice on drought mitigation. It is high
    time you folks at GWI swallow your pride, take my free advice and help the
    unfortunate citizens in the country. It is your duty to do so. At this
    juncture, the population must be alerted about LEAD in the drinking

  • Pam

    Reported big leak in Duncan St in the first week of December 2015……..called the water authority over and over and over. My daughter and I went to the dept. twice to personally report the leak. The security wrote down something on a piece of uneven dirty paper saying she will send it thru. they came two weeks after….the same day I decided to make another call…..but this time with a British accent( spent long periods in England over the years)asked to speak to the supervisor of the dept. in charge of connections…who put me on to another …..but they finally came;after two weeks. GUYANA IS A PERFECT THIRD WORLD COUNTRY AND THEY ARE VERY PROUD OF THAT! ITS A MENTAL THING.