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Marriott Hotel employee convicted for marijuana possession

Richard James who was fined and sentenced to community service for being in possession of marijuana.

Richard James who was fined and sentenced to community service for being in possession of marijuana.

An audio-visual technician at the Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown was Tuesday fined GYD$20,000 and sentenced to 50 hours community service at the Georgetown City Constabulary.

Twenty-three year old Richard James of Sheriff and Enachu Streets, Campbelville pleaded guilty to being on possession of 1.4 grammes of marijuana at the Marriott Hotel, Kingston, Georgetown on 28th January, 2016.

If he does not provide the community service, he would be jailed for six m0nths.

Police Prosecutor, Deniro Jones told the court that police arrested James at about 1 AM after the narcotic was found in his left side shirt pocket. Before he was sentenced, James told the court that he did not leave the marijuana in his locker because of the Marriott Hotel’s policy and instead kept it on his person.

James begged that for leniency, saying that he did not want the matter to tarnish his reputation, more so because he has applied for a job in Chicago and the occurrence might impact adversely on his chances of being successful.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Cops arrest a man with 1.4 grams of marijuana in his shirt pocket? Is there anyone out there with an idea of what 1.4 grams of marijuana looks like in terms of quantity?

    Thankfully, the judicial system is slowly waking up to the realization that being caught with infinitesimal amounts of marijuana is no basis for jailing people. The biggest criminal cartel has its main office on Robb Street, but its operatives who have ripped of Guyana of billions of dollars are not being arrested!

    • raskilone

      instead of coming on here and other blogs and spewing your ignorance that is typical of your ilk, why don’t you wait for Harmon, Grainger and company to “put their mouths where their money is”. They are the ones who were yelling corruption, thief etc for how long and to date are unable to prove anything! They are the ones who promised 20% raises, and now say they don’t have money, but were able to give themselves 50% increases before anyone got a dime. Who are the thieves idiot!
      Harmon, like a sheep was bleating everyday about charging people, he has evidence etc, etc. What a jackass….Do you recall what the reporter told him when accused of fraud? Let me repeat it for you, “if you have balls call the police”!
      I was a supporter of Grainger (not some of the people he bundled with) but the crap he and his people are spewing makes me sick, and would never vote for these idiots again. How many lawyers again in their fold? And what have they proven so far? Are you stupid or just dumb?
      Yes, PPP may have been guilty of mismanagement, lack of oversight etc, but until you (seems you have all the evidence) and the loudmouths in the coalition prove something, stay off your meds, or the donkey fodder you gulp down everyday. Now run along, and try to analyze if you have the mental capacity to do so.
      And oh, the Space looking cadet for a finance minister had the audacity to say that the Gov’t agencies were breaking laws with impunity! And this is without being able to point to a single incidence to substantiate his pee brained assertion! But I suppose that is good enough for you. And as I said earlier, run along toddler…tend to your diaper, it smells.

      • Emile_Mervin

        Amusing how you know I spew ignorance on this and other blogs yet in your own haste to expose your own ignorance of my blogs, failed to recognize I have been begging for more action and less accusations of corruption.

        I have even gone so far, of late, to conclude that either someone high up in this coalition government must be a PPP sympathizer or the disease of corruption has infected some coalition players, because with all we have been told, there seems to be an unwillingness or slothfulness in getting the PPP players.

        A simple and straightforward example is the Deonarine and Duncan case involving theft of GPL money, and allowing Deonarine to leave Guyana only to new ask Canada to help have him deported back to Guyana.

        So, yes,the PPP ripped off Guyana, and yes,the coalition says it is trying make iron clad cases that will stand up in court, and yes, I have been demanding legal action that results in restitution or seizures. Unfortunately, in your haste to blow hot air, you missed my recent blogs here that have taken the coalition to task, and the fact that this blog site is now the only one I now use. Ironically, you wear your diaper on your head yet cannot smell its content.