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“Fedders Lloyd all over again” – Jagdeo criticizes decision to engage Hope Beach Wind Farm

Government’s decision to begin talks with the owners of the Hope Beach Wind Farm on the possibility of buying power is “incestuous” and should be reviewed, says Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

Jagdeo at a press conference on Tuesday said that it was “Fedders Lloyd all over again” since the owners of the farm are close friends of the government.

Jagdeo criticized the government for not going to a public tender process as should have been done before the decision was taken to engage the company.
“I have heard that Mr Lloyd Singh is the developer of the project…I’ve heard the minister of finance in busget speech that they are negotiating a power purchase agreement with this company to supply 25 megawatts of power costing $50M,” he said.

He argued that had the government gone the route of Amaila Falls for renewable energy it would have been paying less than what is being offered by the wind plant.

“If money was invested in Amaila in the long term it would have been better,” he stated.

He pointed out that Lloyd Singh, the company’s CEO is a “personal friend” of Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan

“In fact the principal of this company has been embraced as a good friend of the AFC and personal friend of Khemraj Ramjattan,” he said adding “this is the incestuous relationship I’m talking about.”

It is understood that Singh is the contractor responsible for the construction of the new Alliance For Change (AFC) head office.

Jagdeo indicated that the building was contracted without an upfront payment for the work.

  • long_legs

    this is typical mudslinging that bharrat jagdeo has been reduced to because he has nothing better to offer the country. as opposition leader of a floundering morally and ethically bankrupt party, he has nothing else to do but agitate and instigate the gullible and naive people who believe that he and the arty have something to offer them.

    just imagine bharrat jagdeo has the gall to pronounce business relationships by the new administration “incestrous“. this is shamelessness to the highest.


  • Emile_Mervin

    Jagdeo gave Fip Motilall US$15m to build the access road to Amalia Hydro, but Fip never built a sidewalk or driveway. And the end game was for government to put up or guarantee the bulk of the US$900m hydro project, but for a minority investor to become the majority owner, just like Marriott and Bernice Bridge.

    And it was Jagdeo’s corrupt PPP that sold the power generating facility at Skeldon to a private buyer, and then turned around and started buying power from the private owner.

    Does anyone see the irony of Jagdeo’s jackass braying about this Hope Farm deal? He wants to slam Ramjattan and the AFC by linking the hope Farm

    • KassemB

      ‘Jagdeo gave Fip Motilall US$15m to build the access road to Amalia Hydro, but Fip never built a sidewalk or driveway’
      So now it is the Alliance to do the same or worst?

      • long_legs

        So now it is the Alliance to do the same or worst?

        no, what he is saying is; bharrat jagdeo lost his rights to be now acting as though he is the country’s morality police chief because of all the disgusting things that happened under his tenure as president!

        nobody in their right senses will condone what bharrat jagdeo and the floundering opposition did when they were in power but, you all together would like that myth that the ppp was great and good for the country to live on so that the gullible and naive who always vote for the ppp after being fed belly-full low information to continue doing so.

        i read somewhere bharrat jagdeo saying that “to raise licensing fees for firearms is a lazy way to raise revenue” but, bharrat jagdeo doesn’t find that to play on peoples’ fear and to exploit those without proper education in order to gain votes at elections is even lazier and to call him lazier than others is a big big understatement.


  • SYL

    I told you guys several times that a special state prosecutor is needed to deal with the fat cats that embezzled the funds . The fat cats have a right to be talking, because the govt. is a lamb , waiting to be slaughtered. You think there is inciting and trouble on the horizon, wait for the LGE election, more trouble from the fat cats..

  • Emile_Mervin

    Check the mirror as you bray because if there is evidence of corruption and quid pro quo deals involving the coalition or any member, I welcome their exposure. After all, the coalition ran on a promise to do better than the corrupt PPP, and I have taken heat for holding the coalition’s feet to the fire. Two wrongs never made a right.