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Berbice Bridge budgeted for $150M subsidy

Consequent to an arrangement between the Government of Guyana and the Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated (BBCI), the company is budgeted for a $150M subvention in the 2016 Budget.

The 2016 fiscal plan for Guyana presented by the Finance Minister boosts a whooping total of $230B – the largest budget in Guyana’s history.

According to the Estimates of the Public Sector, while BBCI was budgeted to receive a $36M subvention in 2015, the company only received $31M.

The $31M would have covered expenses relative to the reduction of Bridge tolls that are being subsidized by the government.

The Bridge Subsidy officially started on January 1, 2016 and covers a toll reduction for passenger cars and minibuses, from $2,200 to $1,900 and for all other types of vehicles by 10 percent, excluding vessels.

Lowering the tolls saw the fulfillment of an incremental campaign promise made by the 6-Party coalition government.

When BBCI had initially refused to lower the tolls, the government had to resort to the use of speedboats (river taxis) as a means of getting people across the river in a more cost effective manner. 

  • Emile_Mervin

    The Berbice Bridge was a Jagdeo brainchild to put state and public money into pockets and bank accounts of his friends, but especially his ‘booby’, who went from being one of the minor investors to being the biggest of the minority investors. The true game plan for Jagdeo was to enrich his ‘booby’ and, vicariously, become a beneficiary.

    Think of New GPC and Sanata Complex and every single holding of his ‘booby’ as extensions of greed. And if it weren’t for certain players, these greedy suckers would have taken over the local cricket administration and used it to further their enrichment agenda via one-day cricket matches. This was an elaborate get-rich-quick plot that fell apart in the last three years.

    This is why the coalition regime’s decision to pump hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ dollars into Berbice Bridge is not a benefit to bridge users, but a benefit to Jagdeo and his ‘booby’. They now own a bridge built with NIS money and the coalition, like a real stubborn mule, cannot see it is aiding and abetting Guyana’s biggest criminal cartel.