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Budget 2016: Jagdeo wants “huge” salary increases for public servants

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has huge expectations of the APNU+AFC administration relative to the 2016 Budget slated for presentation on Friday January 29.

Jagdeo at a press conference on Wednesday read out some of his expectations on what he hopes to see as part of the 2016 Budget.

Those include salary increases and tax reductions.

He said that there should be a huge salary increases since the $50,000 bonus given in December was not an addition to the salary but rather a one of payment.

“We are hoping strongly that there will be…a substantial increase in wages in salaries. The 50,000 has not become part of the base….we have to have a huge salary increase,” said the Opposition Leader.

Jagdeo also wants a better pension package and review of taxes levied against the importation of vehicles. This is something that the APNU+AFC has discussed before and is a part of its elections manifesto.

He also spoke of significant support for the production sectors which stretch across Guyana.

“We expect that there will be significant support for the productive sectors,” he said adding “Any taxes that the government will reduce we will support them on,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo explained that while he wants to see the reduction of electricity and fuel prices, those must not be introduced as budget measures.

“We don’t want the reduction in electricity rates and fuels rates to be part of a budget measure, that cannot be part of a budget measure, that is ongoing,” he said.

The Opposition Leader indicated that the non-reduction of the price of the pump has led to a huge windfall at the Guyana Power and Light and the fuel companies with them raking in millions in additional profits.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan Thursday morning declined to comment constructively on why fuel prices have not been reduced.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Can you believe this joker? He had 12 years to make HUGE INCREASES in pay to public servants, but he gave himself and his cohorts huge benefits, instead. This is why he is outside the corridor of power thinking, but he is so self- delusional he thinks he still has control of the reins of power so he makes demands with his mouth that his pocket cannot satisfy.

  • Pedro

    Jagdeogone, is an ass, but he only makes himself a bigger ass,when he makes statements like this. If any person was anti working class it was him and the Cabal. Keep everybody poor and ignorant, and feed them just enough to keep them surviving.I am sick and tired of his arrogance and lies.I believe we all are.The PooPyParty looted this country and is now demanding that workers be paid wages, they were entitled to many, many , years ago.