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Rohee “can’t answer” for diagonal parking at Freedom House

Despite the authorities announcing that no diagonal parking would be allowed along Robb Street, Georgetown, parking at Freedom House has not changed.

The new parking system was introduced in July 2015, however on a daily basis vehicles are parked outside of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Headquarters in a sloped manner which is a violation of the parking rules outlined by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) for the zone.

In fact, there is a ‘No Diagonal Parking” sign painted on the road outside of Freedom House.

Questioned about this practice on Monday, Leader of the PPP Clement Rohee said that he was unable to answer for it.

“I don’t know I can’t answer for everything as General Secretary of the PPP,” said Rohee who went on to indicate that “next thing you will ask me why there is garbage in front there.”

While no one from the Guyana Police Force and the M&CC were immediately available to give a comment it is understood that violation of such parking rules can lead to traffic tickets being issued or the vehicle being towed away.

It is unclear whether this has happened to any of the vehicles parked in front of Freedom House.

Rohee however expressed some concern and said that the Party will be taking action to recover some materials that was seized by the City Council recently.

“What they took away from us was not blocking any traffic was not a humbug in any way to any commuters…these things were on the pave in front of our book store,” said the PPP Leader.

  • long_legs

    this is a clear violation of the law and some serious ticketing / towing is in order here!

    clement rohee and the ppp are waiting for the drama of it all when it boils over and is splash across front pages of newspapers because, that sells with the consumers of low-information who largely vote ppp and believe everyone are out to get them.

    these people are politicians / lawmakers of the country and if they knew anything about civility, at first notice they would have rushed to put themselves in compliance as example to the rest of drivers, business-owners etc.

    the country is in an all around losing position with this bunch of “lawmaker” who are in fact the biggest lawbreaker and ooh, their arrogance!