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PPP ready to help govt secure US$50 million to rehabilitate sugar industry

Opposition Leader Bharrat. Jagdeo Wednesday said the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC)-led administration had planned to secure a US$50 minion line of credit from India to rehabilitate the sugar factories.

He pledged to help the coalition administration to get the money. “We can work with them ‎ to mobilise 50 million dollars,” he told a news conference at Freedom House, the PPP’s headquarters. :

He said the PPPC’s administration ‎had planned to use the money to also build electricity co-generation plants at each estate. In response to a question by Demerara Waves Online News on why no money was spent to rehabilitate the decrepit Wales Sugar Factory.

Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder Wednesday confirmed that the closure of the Wales Estate and Factory was not one of the recommendations by the Commission of Inquiry.

The Opposition Leader again vowed that the PPP would organise street protests if government goes ahead with its plan
to close Wales, adding that private cane farmers sold GYD$800 million in cane last year to Guysuco. ‎”Just that extraction from the economy will create untold hardships for the community there‎,” he said. 

Jagdeo criticised the coalition government for closing Wales although the Commission of Inquiry had not made such. A recommendation. After he accused government of being vindictive against PPP supporters, he was asked why he thought a larger estate or factory in the major PPP stronghold of Berbice. He responded “Ibelieve they are testing the waters.”
The former President and Finance Minister said the Commission of Inquiry failed to consider the wider economic impact of the sugar industry.

Government has said that it would cost GYD$1.6 billion dollars to rehabilitate the Wales Estate and factory.
  • Kaieteur_Canada

    The Jumping pages have started back, please fix.

    • Emile_Mervin

      I thought it was just my system jumping and almost ordered a replacement. Thanks for saving me an unnecessary move.

    • SYL

      The pages reflect the instability in beautiful Guyana, and the hypocrisy of Mr. opposition leader. Why don’t he donate some of the millions he has, if you really love the people and country.I know the distance from Wales, no.2 canal, free and easy and other villages from Uitvlugt , One aspect of the solution can be for the govt. to subsidize the fuel, and tires, in particular for the owners of the units that are used for transportation.My family have over 8 acres of cane in that jurisdiction, but in life changes have to done, and people always react differently, but change is a fact , and change shall always occur .Our mothers were change in their anatomy so we can be here talking on Disqus

  • Emile_Mervin

    Jagdeo is the ultimate embodiment of a snake oil salesman. Now that Wales is on the chopping block, because of inefficiencies pointed out since back in 2008 when he was President, he wants to come across as some sort of savior by claiming he could get a US$50m line of credit from India.

    Aside from the racial undertone of dragging India into this equation that features mostly Indian sugar workers, I have to ask this bald face politrickian why he did not come up with the same US$50m offer in April 2015, when PPP misfit Raj Singh, informed the new coalition regime that GuySuCo was broke and unless there was an unscheduled infusion of billions by early May 2015, the sugar industry would close down?

    Mind you, Raj Singh, did not say Wales would shut down, but the entire industry. Yet Jagdeo never offered any kind of help. Suddenly, one estate he knew since 2008 was a money pit, is facing possible merger with Uitvlugt, much like he merged LBI and Enmore in 2011, he can raise US$50m to save Wales.

    Wales sugar workers and a proactive private media should ask him, why only now?