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Zulfikar Mustapha debunks Ramkarrans article as “mischievous”

PPP Executive Member, Zulfikar Mustapha.

PPP Executive Member, Zulfikar Mustapha.

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentarian Zulfikar Mustapha has debunked a column written by Former Speaker Ralph Ramkarran as mischievous.

Ramkarran in his January 16, 2016 post on stated that he with Mustapha and Faisal Jafarally in 2011 to rally their support for his nomination as the PPP’s presidential candidate.

He stated that the two men expressed the view that Former President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar had been already in semi-campaign mode and his candidacy would not have yielded the desired turnout by Berbicians at the polls.

While Mustapha on Monday confirmed that Ramkarran had lobbied him for his presidential bid at an informal meeting, he denied that Ramotar’s name had been mentioned.

“I wish to confirm that myself and another friend went to NCN (National Communications Network) and not State House as Mr. Ramkarran claims…There was no formal meeting as Mr. Ramkarran claims,” he stated.

According to the Parliamentarian during the conversation that ensued there was no mention of Ramotar.”The article is mischievous, intended to create friction and with this article Mr Ramkarran wants to remain relevant,” he noted.

Ramkarran is a former PPP stalwart who left the party in June 2012 due to concerns about how several executive members had reacted to his concerns about alleged corruption by a number of party members.

The former House Speaker has blamed former President Bharrat Jagdeo for muscling himself and his favourites in the PPP’s leadership to decide against certain young and elderly but influential party members to be sidelined.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Mustapha, let us agree, for the sake of it, that Ramkarran was being mischievous, how do you not see the freaking damage Jagdeo has done to the PPP brand?

    The PPP was always deemed unbeatable in free and fair elections, which was why Burnham and Hoyte rigged elections. And even with a hemorrhaging of Indian voters to migration, the PPP base was still larger than the PNCs.

    But then the game started changing under Bharrat Jagdeo as voter results showed a reduction of Indian support for the PPP after 2001 elections with fewer numbers in 2006 elections, a loss of parliamentary majority in 2011 and an outright loss of power in 2015.

    This erosion had nothing to do with anyone but Jagdeo, regardless of whether Ramkarran or Nagamootoo wanted to be the party’s presidential candidate.

    Greed, Mustapha, is what overtook Jagdeo and led to the dethroned PPP. Even after he retired on a Cadillac pension and had access to benefits from his state assets acquired by his best friend, he was not satisfied. He broke his own promise never to seek public office again by ousting Ramotar as potential Opposition Leader and is back in public office.

    The PPP is Jagdeo’s vehicle to personal greed, but all you folks are blind and scared to see what this means for blocking those with potential to emerge with visions of a better party and better Guyana. This is why you have to grovel to try and stay in Jagdeo’s good book. Pathetic, man, pathetic. Jagdeo has no friends in the PPP; he has dispensable dependents. Grow a pair and get rid of this vampire!

    • Kaieteur_Canada

      Obviously Mustapha is trying to save his own azz from getting two stinging slaps from the vindictive vampire by denying. Why would Ramkarran put his reputation on the line by dreaming up utterences, most likely Ramkarran can prove Mustapha said what he said.

    • SYL

      The inside fighting starts, so ribs and chin would be damaged, the referee is looking. Next its damaged control, then the legs would wobble and the consequence is inevitable , someone is going to fall , and the bell wouldn’t be able to save.So throw the towel in guys before its too late.Reveal the corruption you are aware of , maybe you can get a plea bargain with the prosecutor , lets get the mess out of the way , heal the hurt of the 400 + citizens before Dr. Roger Khan arrives home from the USA, to whistle There is still time on your side.,

  • Dante Desouza

    RALPH BECOME A CRAZY LAYER ,he sound like a broken record , sour puss washing his dirty old bloomers in the public after he didn’t get the speaker of the house job,SHAME ON U RALPH NEMAKARRAN.

  • Dharamkumar02

    Zulfi how can you forget so fast?.I think you are not telling the story as it was. You and Jaffarally did met Mr Ramkarran and you and Faizal did express the said sentiment about Comrade Ramotar cannot win in Berbice. Did you so easily forgot that you all mentioned it at the house of your Comrade House at Letterkenny to many of your Supporters about what exactly transpired with Mr Ramkrran. How can you and deny this story, you came back and told about eleven persons who was present at the meeting. I tell you what, you like many in the PPP are so afraid of Jagdeo, I am not surprised one bit. I really think you all should grow a lot of Baultz and expose the truth for what it really is.