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Top PPP Berbice leaders knew Ramotar was not vote-getter- Ramkarran

Former PPP Executive Member and House Speaker, Ralph Ramkarram.

Former PPP Executive Member and House Speaker, Ralph Ramkarram.

Former long-serving People’s Progressive Party (PPP) executive member, Ralph Ramkarran said at least two leading members in Berbice had pledged to support him for the presidential candidacy at a secret ballot because that they had already predicted that Donald Ramotar would not have been a vote-getter.

Ramkarran recalled that back in 2010, “two influential local leaders in the PPP’s heartland of Berbice”-then Region 6 Chairman, Zulfikar Mustapha and then adviser Faizal Jaffarally- had told him that Ramotar was an electoral liability for the 2011 general elections.

“They both told me that they would support me if there was a secret ballot. They further told me that if Mr. Ramotar, who had already been in semi-official campaign mode, is chosen, they would have great difficulty in mobilizing PPP supporters to turn out to vote,” Ramkarran said in his weekly column, Conversation Tree.

Jaffarally and Mustapha could not be reached immediately for comment.

Ramkarran nevertheless stayed on with the PPP until June 2012 when he resigned over disagreement with certain executive members about how the issue if corruption was being handled by the party.

The former House Speaker reasoned that the PPP’s leadership had deliberately turned a blind eye to the widely held prediction that Ramotar would have been an electoral liability but had instead tenaciously stuck with Jagdeo’s selection of the party’s then General Secretary as its presidential candidate. “The leadership was unaware of this dire possibility because the arrogance at the top was so overpowering that Messrs. Mustapha and Jaffarally, and many others of the same view, dared not express their fears. Just as Mustapha and Jaffarally predicted, thousands of Berbicians and others stayed home and the PPP lost its majority in 2011 and in the elections in 2015,” said Ramkarran.

At the launch of the PPP’s election campaign at Albion in 2011, numerous persons were seen leaving as Ramotar took to the lectern to address the large gathering.

Ramotar blamed the PPP’s misfortunes in 2011 and 2015 on arrogance caused by the leadership’s belief that it knew what was best, failed to advance and develop party democracy, abused and threatened all those who raised questions, and felt that the PPP would rule forever. “The party metamorphosed into an instrument for accumulation, which became progressively worse. Disgusted and silenced, party stalwarts, young and old, dropped out. Arrogance led to the belief that these developments would not be noticed by supporters or that junior leaders would not mimic the behaviour of senior leaders,” he added.

Recommending that the PPP’s repair start “at the top,” the former House Speaker said much would depend on whether Jagdeo would continue to influence the alienation of old and young members to the detriment of the party while blaming others. “Cheddi and Janet Jagan bequeathed a thriving, humming and democratic party, in office. Mr. Jagdeo blames everyone for its loss, except himself and his choice of presidential candidate, because he is personally, narcissistically, incapable of contrition or self-examination, which would be inconsistent with his grandiose self-image.”

Ramkarran questioned why Jagdeo has often described some persons as “too old” while sidelining a number of youths such as Frank Anthony, Anil Nandlall, Irfan Ally, Priya Manickchand, Dharamkumar Seeraj, Pauline Sukhai, Neil Kumar and rising ones such as Charles Ramson (Jr), Nigel Dharamlall, Colin Croal, and others. “Is it that Mr. Jagdeo doesn’t trust them because some of these ‘young’ leaders and a few ‘old’ ones disapproved his election as Leader of the Opposition?” Ramkarran queried.

  • Emile_Mervin

    A little boy went to big men cricket game and took away their bat and ball and stumps. All the big men ended up doing is talking about how the little boy mashed up their game. Not one of these big men, who look like a bunch of jokers, can summon the courage to take back their stumps, ball and bat from the little boy.
    I challenge Ralph Ramkarran to grow a pair of balls and get some of the disgruntled old head who are not into politics for sheer greed and launch a new movement or party to wean the frustrated PPP supporters away from the PPP. What more does any of these jokers need to know that Jagdeo is using the PPP for personal gain?
    Enough with the columns about what was supposed to happen and start making it happen! YOU ARE ALIVE!

    • Col123

      Emile…your suggestion about the little ” boy” shares the same meaning as the emasculating process, used on male adult slaves in the deep south of USA. Referring to male adult Afro Americans in the context of “boy” is still used in most red states in USA. Some academic texts compare it to the “N” word…Its reference and usage is in-appropriate, insulting and useless in such context.

      • Emile_Mervin

        You have a right to be wrong on your own terms and turf.

      • Dharamkumar02

        I respectfully disagree with you Sir. All of Guyana and the Diaspora and none Guyanese as a matter of fact fully well know who this “boy” is in the context of Guyana and its Politicians. This “boy” as Mr Mervin puts it is at best when referring to Jagdeo. This thing is a Dicktaker in the PPP. Because of the power, arrogance and bullyism he displays, it only proves Mr Mervin’s point. I can tell you for sure Mr Mervin and my self is not alone on this episode.

    • Kaieteur_Canada

      And that little boy, vindictive and full of untruths, also took away the opposition leader seat from Ramotar after a failed presidency caused him to lose the elections, a failed presidency that same little vindictive untruthful bwoy directed from behind the scenes… poor Ramotar, the one chance he had to do something after all the years in the PPP as a low profile do-nothing hanger-on was stifled by the likkle vindictive power drunk bwoy in the background… only stiff jail will teach him how really little he is.

  • Vijaysingh

    An extremely poor politician, he is not alone. All of the names mentioned and more are poor and can never stand on their own as any type of administrator. CBJ nurtured only servants and faithful followers but nothing more. Dr. JB Singh told CBJ that with his bottomhouse rabble rousers he cannot rule. Ramkarran was patiently waiting . Most of the PPP ‘s supporters are people of herd mentality and pliability. Look at the mess they created and it seems that many of their traits exist in the new administration, reference to the fumblings in the so called investigations of the Police and SARU. Local natives have their limitations.

    • Col123

      VS History is a good reminder. The majority of all colonies are in the same blight with its politics and politicians…After fifty years, with zilch to show as accomplishments ( exclude its academic curriculum), Guyana’s destiny is written at its shoreline… which is sinking slowly.

  • Col123

    If my reasoning is any good, from all the reports about politics in the PPP, this chap is trying to say that the PPP leadership was promised to him by Dr Jagan. Now ,that may conflict with PM Naggarmotto’s past statement about the passage of the PPP’s crown. The sad end result of their quest is that they too will soon pass on, like all of us, and leave their shiny mansions and pedestal to rot. What remains is our country, with hard working folks who toil daily to make ends meet…those who will never get an opportunity to accomplish any more than their daily basic sustenance needs.

  • KassemB

    ‘Top PPP Berbice leaders knew Ramotar was not vote-getter- Ramkarran’
    1. Then all those at the top should publish their own self examination of how the Party find itself in that position that allow one person (Jagdeo) to get Donald selected as the Candidate?
    2. What does that say after some 40 years of ‘scientific socialism’ and the custodians hand picked by the father and mother of the Party?

  • Emile_Mervin

    You love my toxic s#!+! You just can’t help gravitating to it, eh? If you cannot read, then you cannot spell or write, so you are 0 for 3.

    As for your boy, he stamped himself out, which is why his ass is on the other side of power bitching about everything, while you are his cheerleader pomping a scene here. Keep braying louder!

  • Dharamkumar02

    This is exactly what am saying, “small mind always think small”. What a way to display you racist and chamar mentality. If this is what you and your Idol jagdeo can bring to the people of Guyana, well then I can never see any future for the children of Guyana. Get thee hence Satan.

  • Dharamkumar02

    WilI262 I remember that very well. I am going to say it again without any malice whatsoever, jagdeo is nothing but a greedy and power hungry “boy”.

  • Dharamkumar02

    I respect your opinion Sir, please respect mine even it is not what you would like to hear. I have always taken the “High Road” Sir, because I was brought up knowing all about it, but remember there are some in our proud Nation of Guyana don’t even want to know what it mean Sir.

  • the Sheik

    Read this thread abd has bever been as astonished as now at presumably educated people’s misreadings and misunderstanding of words and ideas and intentions… Very unfortunate