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“Put an end to the unhelpful political discord” – President Granger addresses National Assembly

President David Granger addressing the Parliament of Guyana.

President David Granger has urged that politicians put an end to the divisive and “unhelpful” political distort in Guyana.

The President made the appeal while addressing the National Assembly in Thursday January 14, where he declared that 2016 will be a year of National Unity for Guyana.

According to the President, while Guyana gained Independence 50 years ago, the covenant that was established then, remains unfulfilled.

“Colonial rule fomented divisions of race, religion and region which have imposed a big burden on the slender shoulders of our small society. These divisions, for fifty years, have frustrated our economic development, making national unity elusive. National unity does not preclude the existence of differences in philosophies or opinions. It does include a willingness to respect each others rights.”

He said that Guyana’s Golden Jubilee is a propitious moment for all Guyanese to put an end to hateful and unhelpful political discord, disaffection and disunity.

The President also stated that the Legislative and Executive branches of government, this year, must work together noting that this is the year for national unity.

“This is the year of fulfilling the unrealised objectives of economic independence.  This is the year for recommitting to the vision of a free, united and prosperous country – one in which ‘a good life’ is attainable by everyone.”

“We, Guyanese, chose to change the country’s political culture from the divisive, degenerate and dangerous ‘winner-takes-all’ model to one of inclusionary, participatory, multi-party democracy.  We aspire to strengthen national unity, expand national infrastructure, fortify national institutions, ensure national security and extend public services,” the President stated.

  • KassemB

    ‘Put an end to the unhelpful political discord” – President Granger addresses National Assembly’
    Did you brief SOCU on this?
    Who is ultimately responsible for SOCU?

  • Col123

    Mr President: good speech…Everything starts with you…words are just dust in the wind. Please start with a point where you can build a cohesive society…where and what is the nucleus for a new beginning from you….give us some thing where our brothers and sisters can build a road to travel can’t?
    OK, I got it…politicians are liars … and I can count the fools who support and follow them without the use of an abacus.