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Central High Third Former attempts suicide

A third form student of Central High School attempted suicide this morning after arriving in school.

Reports reaching Demerara Waves indicate that the student was feeling some emotional anguish and used a razor blade to slash her wrists.

Students recalled hearing the students repeatedly saying that she wanted to end her life and she didn’t want anyone to “fuss over” her.

At the Georgetown Public Hospital, the student sat with teachers and other officials with eyes that were red from crying.

Over the past two weeks Guyana has seen a startling increase in the amount of reported suicide cases.

Over the past five days there were four reported deaths by suicide and five attempts, of which some are still hospitalized.

On Thursday morning 23-year old Michael Stoby of 798 ‘C’ Field, Sophia Wednesday night used a cement sling and hanged himself at his home after his girlfriend, who was with him, told him that “she decided to call it quits and he thought the best way out was to take his life.”

At least one Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has called on the government to declare suicide a ‘national priority.’

  • Emile_Mervin

    Is there really a sense of hopelessness that stalks the land? Murder and suicide come with such ease, it is almost pedestrian.

    • SYL

      Suicide is not a normal behavior. It has to do with the home and community environment . During my younger era I was privilege to have a village as my mentor and guardian. Most neighbors were instrumental in assisting in your welfare. The neighbors were friendly with your parents, and in return the my parents was the same. Now, most of the communities possess people that are hostile to each other, so no one wants to get in problems with the other, so the children grow up like trees in a forest. You dare not say anything to a person’s child, or it could be the last day you live. Then the human rights people say don’t spank your child, or you can go to prison. I say all my brothers and sisters were spanked, and are educated and alive and well, so are my children. In this you have to be balanced. Did we have suicide at that rate 30 years ago? My Indians brethren have to take a good look at their religious rituals.
      This is one of the reason for suicide.
      The other is that many religions practice rituals , and it has with it strange “spirits” ask a REAL christian person. The movie exorcism is a concept of a real life situations which I witnessed in different countries .Other beings influence people to kill themselves because no one likes you and there is no way out of trouble. Guys killing themselves because of a girl or woman,because they live in a small space physically and mentally. My advise to men , they are many more women than men in the world. In Russia, there are 10 million MORE women than men for example. Just get on a plane and see the world, and then you’ll have a problem to choose.To the women, yes there is a shortage of men, but be vitreous, and the guy would come your way, don’t play games , because the guy has a bigger selection to choose his mate. ENOUGH!