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East Street residents reject M&CC ‘paid parking’

Residents of East Street , North Cummingsburg have rejected the implementation of a paid parking system by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC).

M&CC recently moved to implement the system between Middle and New Market Streets along the avenue of East Street.

Today, vehicles were parked in clustered manner outside of the zone adopted by the City Council and very few persons sought to make use of the new parking arrangements.

At $360 an hour, just about four vehicles were parked in the lot when Demerara Waves visited at approximately 15:00hrs on Wednesday.

Some 100 residents that have been directly affected by the recent developments have written to President David Granger asking that the situation be rectified.

The residents want the President to issue a "command to disassemble the East Street Paid Parking Area."

The argument is that the system places undue burden on everyday commuters and was not done in a proper manner.

It was noted that the area  now occupied by the City Council once served as parking for residents who live building that do not have parking spaces, especially "back houses."

"The additional tax of 'paying for parking' is overwhelming as we continue to work tirelessly for the development of Guyana by paying property rates and taxes," the petition stated.

  • Grey

    Obviously I’m not aware. Because these laws are new to Guyana. I.e people have lived comfortably without them for years. So why start now? Why is it neccessary? How does it contribute to the function of society? And why make such a rash decision without consulting the people you now want to force this action on? Do they not deserve to know before hand?

    • melkend

      Obviously you are not keeping up with the times. Paid parking for Georgetown has been discussed for sometime now. They have to start somewhere. You sound like the folks in Waterloo street who were given 8 years to leave and when it happened, it was considered sudden.