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Two confess to killing Briton, burying him in shallow grave

george_mingThe two men, including the god brother, caught by police have confessed to killing 18-year old Briton, Dominic Bernard and burying his body aback Nurney Village, Corentyne, Berbice, according to police sources.

Bernard’s  god brother, Aaron Hing, and Staymon George told investigators that they had taken the Briton to a dark area aback Nurney where they bludgeoned him to death. Investigators were told that George was paid more than GYD$100,000 to assist in killing Bernard, regarded as a talented film maker.

At stake was more than 2,000 pounds sterling that Bernard brought to Guyana on October 15, 2015.

Investigators learned during their diligent probe that a black Raum picked up Bernard from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and he , Hing and George went to a city restaurant where they ate and imbibed.

Hing was caught at a city hotel Friday and George was arrested at a house at Tucville, Georgetown. Hing and George reside at Kildonan, a village next to Nurney.

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Wendell Blanhum has told Demerara Waves Online News that  samples of the badly decomposed body would be sent overseas for confirmation that it is that of Bernard.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Long, long ago, robbers would stick you up with a knife or broken bottle and threaten you. Today, they kill you pre-meditatedly, with guns, cutlasses and any blunt weapon.

    And the value of their loot is never enough to warrant them killing their victim. They do not value life because they see no future to live for. The live in the moment and for the moment. They seem coldly oblivious to consequences.

    Interestingly enough, most of today’s killers grew up under the corrupt PPP regime, which obviously did not to have a jobs creation plan, thereby making Guyana the leading Caribbean nation with a 40% youth unemployment rate.

    If the coalition does not have a jobs creation plan, there is a strong likelihood it could be facing both a political and socioeconomic crisis by the next election cycle, because youths who were too young to vote in 2015 will be adults by 2020. Teeming with energy and no constructive productive outlet, make them ticking time bombs.

    • dezetante

      Cassandra claimed that there was no such problem under her/his Prominent Presumptuous Pimping / Criminal regime

    • eddie

      so sad those same excuse “job creation it remind me of the old saying knock- -knock who there JOB””””” is contribution to the argument in the USA and Canada those PPP spread there stinking way all over the world its so disheartening when you have to read assigning comment like this instead of making a valuable contribution to our kids lives and not having them have to live life like this and commit these horrific crime we as parents deserve to see our kids live a long and fruitful life and it is upon us to teach them that and stop making excuse for them

  • Ah Nanimus

    Good job by the GPF in picking them up quickly.

  • SYL


  • Dharamkumar02

    If they truly confessed to the killing, then no trial is needed to waste time, food and money of the Tax payers. “HANG THEM BOTH”.

    • Ah Nanimus

      You sound so uneducated. You think that’s the way the criminal justice system works in Guyana?? Who gave you access to the internet?!! Steuppss!

      • Dharamkumar02

        Ah Nanimus I like to speak to ignorant people like. You are telling me I am uneducated, well I wonder where you got you education from. I can tell you one thing for sure I was not brainwashed by the PPP cabal, and I know very well how the criminal justice system works in Guyana. I must say it is people like you and your PPP cohorts who stopped Hanging in Guyana, it is for this same reason Guyana and its people are facing Drug related Crimes of unimaginable proportions. These Criminals you support in the PPP should face the same justice as the Drug addicts who committed those heinous crimes in the last week. Further more the PPP is fully responsible for what is happening in my dear and beloved land right now as I write. They are culpable for interacting and dealing with known Drug Lords, and I know you know them. For that reason they should face the same justice like those criminals, and I mean facing the Noose. These people don’t need any trials or Human Rights to tell the Govt what to do and how to do it. They need to be hanged once guilt is proven. I am sure you know that your PPP cabal are all guilty of Crimes against Humanity also, so they should be tried for the 400+ lives they took and then be Hanged also.