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French-flagged yacht with bodies of yachtsman, dog arrives at Port Georgetown

The yacht, Allegro, adrift about 200 miles off Guyana's coast. (Guyana Chronicle photo).

The yacht, Allegro, adrift about 200 miles off Guyana’s coast. (Guyana Chronicle photo).

A French-flagged yacht with the remains of a yachtsman and his dog were Saturday morning towed into Port Georgetown where police investigators and Port Health officials were Saturday morning conducting their probe.

Commander of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard, Gary Beaton confirmed that the vessel arrived at Coast Guard headquarters at about 8:15 AM.

Demerara Waves Online News was told that French investigators were expected in Guyana to work along with their local counterparts.

Police said the dead man’s passport has been found aboard the vessel named Allegro.

An ocean going vessel spotted the yacht adrift about 200 miles off Guyana’s coast and alerted Guyanese authorities who immediately embarked on a recovery operation.

  • CREAM1968

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    • dezetante

      They have alreadt been on board…..pore frenchy

  • dezetante

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