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Guyana’s DPP Chambers budget cut by GYD$74 million

Government used its one seat majority to erase GYD$74 million from the proposed budget of the Director of Public Prosecutions Chambers, reducing the allocation for 2016 to GYD$160 million.

Reacting to People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) front-bencher , Anil Nandlall’s assertions that budget cut amounted to a violation of the law and the constitution, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan said the law never contemplated the National Assembly being made merely a rubber stamp for budgets submitted.

“Otherwise this assembly will be made impotent, it can’t say nothing.It is no point having this National Assembly,” said Ramjattan. He reasoned that bringing the estimates to the National Assembly allowed for it to be reduced. “It was never in the contemplation of the constitution that we are going to accept what she recommends.

In the end, the DPP’s Chambers got GYD$160,000,090, down from GYD$234,924,000.

Ramjattan said that once the National Assembly approves the monies, the Finance Minister could block their release to the DPP’s Chambers.

Former Attorney General, Nandlall accused government of using its majority in the House to defeat the letter, policy and spirit of the laws that the APNU and AFC had passed when they were in opposition. He said the government was violating the independence of the Constitutional bodies because they should be financed as a direct charge on the Consolidated Fund.

“It is paper independence, it is a sham, it is an act in cosmetology,” he said.

  • ExPPP_Man

    Give themselves 50% salary increases, 29 million in home improvement but cut the dpp budget

  • weir

    Why is this Thieving Government that Thief the elections and Thief the 50%salary increased is cutting the budget ? Is it because they want more money for Thief or is because they want to frustrate the Head who is from that special ethnic group?
    Hope she prepared to be Ethnic Purged.

  • stagg05

    PPP just remember you guys don’t are not in charge have some seats.

  • brain dead idiot

    they just can’t run a country soon the thieving gone start and them boys gone live large where is the waterfall paper man the so called champion of the people he mouth deh where the sun don’t shine

  • rs dasai

    Nice, nice. Now there will be less investigating and follow up? Selectively? As The Prezi said, it does not need investigating.