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“The police has to answer, the GDF has to answer” – Teixeira weighs in on “sinister” recon mission

Guyana Defence Officer (GDF) Robert Pyle who was recently killed in an accident on Carifesta Avenue was on a “sinister” mission says Chief Whip of the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Gail Teixeira.

The GDF has confirmed that Pyle was on a legitimate mission at the time that he was killed. That mission was intended to be a surveillance of the premises of NICIL Head Winston Brassington.

Teixeira opined that the surveillance mission may have been an encroachment and violation of basic human rights.

“For us its a very sinister moves…these moves we think are sinister…is this an attempt to frame people…If they seize the actual source documents and people have no idea where they are documents can be tampered with,” she stated.

The Former Home Affairs Minister stated that the Chief of Stafff of the GDF Mark Phillips and the Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud have to answer for the death of Pyle and the two others that were killed.

She stated that they have a responsibility to say who gave the orders for the reconnaissance mission.

“The GDF and Commissioner of Police have to say if they were tracking Brassington’s daughter then who gave the orders…what was the interest of a person’s daughter – if you have an interest in a person there are mechanisms to do it and not chase them down the road.”

She said that while the government has a right to conduct investigations, there are procedures to be followed and in this case, these procedures were apparently flouted.

“In this case there are more questions than answers…every government has a right to investigate however if they want to deal with a person of interest go get a search warrant…it must be done within the law…what reason could there have been for chasing anybody…that’s scary, that’s not something to be treated lightly…The police has to answer, the GDF has to answer,” she stated.

  • Emile_Mervin

    I think the PPP will milk this incident until it is dry, a division who can blame them?

    The coalition came to power in May 2011 and chose to keep Brassington on the state payroll for 7 months, so why was there a need to still spy on him? It is no longer a question of whether it was legal, but whether it was logical. This spying defies logic.

    And it is not like the PPP did not engage in surveillance during its time, including allowing Roger Khan to bug phones and eavesdrop on conversations, but the PPP is being given ammunition by the coalition to shoot the coalition.

    • ExPPP_Man

      Free Roger Khan now ! There is a need someone to protect the East Indians from the security forces. Gajraj was a hero.

      • Emile_Mervin

        Roger is eligible for freedom either this year or next. Gajraj was YOUR hero?

      • Dharamkumar02

        Trust me Sir Roger Khan will go after the entire PPP when he gets out of prison. I don’t think you and many like you will ever appreciate what will be the end result. Keep an eye for his release and you will realize pretty quick.

    • weir

      Emile, it is because the APNU +APNU Government is incompetent and they don,t have any solution for any problem.
      Initially you had doubt about the spying .So what next?

      • Emile_Mervin

        I had questions, not doubts, about the spying because of its amateurish execution.

        • eddie

          WOW! so as per you its ok to spy on a citizen even if its the kids of someone the government want to investigate but you’re pissed off they got caught=amateurish

          • Emile_Mervin

            Your interpretation is not a reflection of what I wrote, but of it helps further your ranting, go ahead. FYI, surveillance of citizens by their governments is not unusual, but if or when the planners and executors of the recon mess up, as in this case, it raises questions about planners capability and suitability for the job. I referenced Roger Khan to show even the PPP allowed for surveillance by this guy who worked closely with cops on active police payroll, so the PPP shouldn’t make a ton of noise about this recently botched reconnaissance.

          • eddie

            I am sorry I will try reading it as a 3 year old next time but just out of curiosity I went back and read it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but let me ask you this what the role of the police and what the role of the army and I mean that not only in Guyana but the world over… one more thing the PPP is the reason this government is here at least it took the PPP 23 years albeit the latter part of that to get corrupt and this government that is 7 month young displaying the exact trait of what they just condemns 7 month ago I guess in your case we are in good hands. because if you can truly show me one project that they can say look we started this and it looking rosy we will take that because everything that was so bad with the PPP is a continuation with this government and sadly more prevalent is the high handed way they go about and do it….. the PPP was Abbe in charge and now it is our time and if we as citizens don’t object to this we are the loser .the election is over do the people job and have the fear that is starting to settle in this country disappear and when they find the evidence of wrongdoing jail everyone of them don’t have lil joe come everyday with that macho bravado and he don’t have facts to back it up,,,, don’t use the army to do these bullshit we have a police force and it might be tainted but it on us to fix it, I supported the president with the joint force exercise is fighting the real crime these blue color crime can be handle by the relevant personnel in the background and meet justice to them when its needed but the real crime is the terrorist that terrorize innocence and hardworking people of this country that we should be focus on

        • Dharamkumar02

          Emile same here, very true. It was executed in a very unprofessional way some what out of protocol. I don’t know.

    • eddie

      I can’ help but notice your constant use of Roger Khan but I never hear about Fineman what happen the people he killed does not matter or Is he your freedom figher

      • Emile_Mervin

        I don’t mention Fineman because he and Skinny worked for Roger Khan on a hired basis and both met their demise the same way George Bacchus, Axel Williams, Waddell, Sash Sawh and others met theirs: rubbed out! In Guyana, freedom fighters, terrorists and heroes during the Jagdeo era were all the same, depending on who is applying the label.

        • eddie

          you cant have it both way roger khan was the gangster for the ppp that was hunting down these guys as per you so he cant turn around and hire them, just a reminder don’t forget where was fineman and his gang hide-out and which ethnic group suffer at there hand but I guess that race lives does not matter and all this from the government that was running on healing and inclusive governance

          • Emile_Mervin

            Did you know at the time Khan was run out of Guyana by Eddie Collins and Winston Felix that he was in the midst of a plot to set off armed gangs against each other in an attempt at social chaos and then he would have stepped in like some sort of savior?

            Why do you think, while he was on the run, he bought full page newspaper ads claiming he SAVED THE JAGDEO REGIME FROM COLLAPSING AT THE HANDS OF CRIMINALS? He was actually revealing a claim that was pre-empted by his exit from Guyana.

            Additionally, have you paid attention to the similarity between the gunning down of both Waddell and Sawh in a hail of bullets? Selwyn Vaughn identified Khan as the mastermind of the Waddell assassination, which happened mere days before Sawh’s, and while we all know Sawh denied Khan’s logging permit application, we also heard Fineman and Skinny were accused of carrying out the hit on Sawh. What did Sawh ever do to Fineman and Skinny for them to kill him like that?

            Only a mind capable of ordering the brutal murder of Waddell (as a birthday gift to a cabinet minister with close ties to Khan) could have used that murder as a cover for the real goal of brutally murdering Sawh days later.

            Fineman and Skinny may have killed Sawh, but they were hired. They died together but not by accident, because Skinny was ‘allowed’ to escape police custody at Sparendaam to hook up with Fineman, and then both were rubbed out. Those two guys were criminals, but they worked for Khan, a master criminal.

            Folks like you think Khan was a savior, but Khan did what he did to further his narco business, and if he was not chased out of Guyana, even Jagdeo could have been history.

          • Dharamkumar02

            Emile my friend I don’t this episode could have been dealt with any better, my Good God I sincerely Eddie and many of his cohorts get the real drift. Let him not worry Khan will be visiting Gajraj, Jagdeo and the rest whom he felt betrayed him.

    • ExPPP_Man

      Bai, you bad talking yuh uncle now ?

    • Dharamkumar02

      Emile first of all these Hypocrites in the opposition (PPP) are be mortallised by this Coalition Govt. The Govt it seems as if they are operating without any sense of direction or substance. The Govt has given the entire pack of these PPP scums too much time and previledge to comfort themselves by the soft and weak attitude by this Govt. These scums in the PPP should have been dealt with since May 2015. They should all suposed to be in jail already for all the atrocities they have commited on the Guyanese people. Emile by the way it was May 2015 my friend and not 2011.

  • johnny

    I wonder if the people who are weighing in on surveillance really know what the word really means, and further more, why the GDF, GPS and the legal government elected are giving way to political individuals of the opposition to question the integrity of the investigative arms and body of these durisdiction. Intelligence gathering, surveillance, are duties conducted legally by the law enforcement agencies in a country and by extention the government, hence there is no needed court order to do such, unless it breaches the individuals personal and private space, which is entering there home. When there is an accident, there is an investigation and then there is what I knows as cause of death , and that should be the focus not who instruct the duties of the deceased . Nonsense, too much latitude are being given to these skulduggers.

  • SeeLochan Beharry

    Since when does this person has the moral authority to question the motives of a Govt?
    Was she not a part of the Govt that was involved in the demise of many without due process? Did she ever spoke out of the abuses inflicted on our youths at UG?
    I can go on and on.
    Her outbursts reflect the mindset she had when in Govt. See magnified evil in smaller things that the ruling elite of the PPP disapproves of.
    The PPP is in attack mode.

    Seelochan Beharry

    • Dharamkumar02

      Seelochan well said my friend.

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    The army or police cannot chase me down the road unless I take off down the road. Why was the individual that was being ‘chased’, running? What were they afraid of? If they felt that they were in danger they would definitely have remained indoors. Why the need to venture outdoors and ‘run’? If Teixiera wants to talk about what is sinister well maybe the fact that the person ‘ran’ is the most sinister thing here. I am not condoning car chases on public roadways but it seems to me that the security services were definitely on to something here. Next time they should use unmarked police vehicles with sirens and removable rotating lights. They can then pull the runners over for dangerous driving and at the same time conduct a search.

  • brain dead idiot

    the thing here is that the army seems to be dealing with the work the police should be doing are we now living in a military run country the next thing we might hear is that citizens are being detained by the gdf instead of the police i know that there are some of you here when the army and police came together to fight crime under ppp started shouting at the top of your voices about the roll the army should play now the army looking into the lives of private citizens and not one of you see the danger here is there something jagdeo said that is coming to pass here, i am all out for police to investigate citizens but the army hell no .