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No final decision on revocation of Jagdeo issued radio licenses – GNBA Head

Chairman of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority, Leonard Craig.

Chairman of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority, Leonard Craig.

There has been no final decision made by the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) to revoke all radio spectrum licenses issued by Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, says GNBA Head Lennox Craig.

Craig during a telephone interview with Demerara Waves revealed that there has been discussions to that extent but the board has not made a final decision since there may be some legal hurdles.

“It is still being discussed” he stated adding that a sub committee within the Authority had made the recommendation.

When the board meets on January 28, it will have further discussions on the issue, said Craig.

“The board meets once a month, as soon as we have a solid legal opinion, we will make a decision,” he stated.

According to a local media report, the committee set up to investigate the issuance of the licenses had found that the manner in which they were issued did not conform with Guyana’s laws.

Jagdeo during the last year of his second term in office, issued the 11 licenses in a manner that was seen as widely controversial.

Those who benefitted included Hits and Jams, Former Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud, Jagdeo’s personal friend Bobby Ramroop, Anand Persaud, Maxwell Thom and Rudy Grant.


  • Pam

    What a bad looking profile!

    • What a simple minded and inartful comment!

  • SeeLochan Beharry

    Anything illegal should be undone.
    Any person who violated the laws of Guyana should be prosecuted.
    Precedent should be set so that others know there are consequences. People should know that this country does not belong to anyone or his party. violating the laws for personal gain should be a heinous crime against the people.
    The coalition Govt should protect the rights of the people.
    Seelochan Beharry

    • Emile_Mervin

      Wake me up when the coalition starts to govern on the bass of promises made to voters. It is beginning to look like as though Jagdeo did not break any laws and corruption was actually a perception. Guess what PPP supporters are thinking with all they are seeing? played out?

      • SeeLochan Beharry

        Hi Emile,
        I agree with you.
        We have given the Coalition enough time to get its act together, but it seems to be fumbling along into nowhere. This is proving costly.
        Soon people will lose confidence in the Govt to do the right thing.
        There is no vision of what they are trying to accomplish and no strategy how to get things done.
        I am becoming fearful of this ineptitude – putting it mildly.
        Our people have suffered long enough. For example, imagine they have to do another study of UG!! This despite our years of writing on this subject!
        Seelochan Beharry