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GDF spy was on “legitimate operation” , amid private sector fears

Amid growing concern about the role of military intelligence in civilian operations like the one mounted against the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Tuesday said Sergeant Robert Pyle was involved in a “legitimate operation” last week when he died in a vehicular collision.

“Defence Headquarters wishes to notify the public that the late Sergeant Robert Pyle, a member of the Intelligence Unit of the Guyana Defence Force, was deployed on a legitimate operation in support of the Special Organized Crime Unit, (SOCU) on Wednesday December 30, 2015.

It is normal for the Guyana Defence Force to support the Law Enforcement and Regulatory Agencies of Guyana in operational activities, especially at this time, as part of Operation Dragnet,” said the GDF in a statement.

GDF Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mark Phillips later told Demerara Waves Online News that he request by SOCU was made through the legitimate chain of command. However, Demerara Waves Online News has been told that the request by SOCU was made to an GDF Intelligence Officer who then requested that Pyle report for duty.

Phillips said it was not part of military protocol for members of one’s family to accompany a soldier on a mission. The Chief Staff said he had no knowledge about whether Pyle had been given the wrong information about the house that he was staking out for a family member of NICIL’s CEO Winston Brassington and whether Pyle had been authorized to engage in a high-speed chase.  Pyle and his wife Stacy as well as a truck driver died in the accident.

Earlier Tuesday, January 5, 2016 the PSC expressed concern at the silence by Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud and the Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Mark Phillips about media reports concerning Pyle’s role in a surveillance operation targeted at civilians and was engaged in “a high speed deadly car chase through the streets of Georgetown chasing a vehicle which he believed contained the teenage daughter of Winston Brassington.”

The PSC wanted to know whether this was an authorized assignment carried out on behalf of either of these agencies.  “This matter has caused immense apprehension in the business community and we believe that answers are needed not only by us but by the larger society,” said the PSC.

  • This is how it shouild be done……have the ”backs” of the officers/ranks deployed in such matters of National Interest. No silly comment ….. such as ..”exceeded his mandate”!

    • Emile_Mervin

      Now that the army has confirmed that the sergeant was on official surveillance duty at the time of the fatal accident, it is no longer an issue of legality, but logic and what lesson, if any, is learned. Bluntly, I am unsure what to make of this story until I have more information, which, so far, points to some sort of operational bungling, much like the way the coalition itself is operating.

  • herman

    Where y’all will get answer from Lol. These people was accused of by seeean hindds a few months for being double standard ..and given him guns to cause sabotage against d PPP…so who know what would have been the out come and who he were really going after and what was the special mission …can one of his senior explain this …oh yea the whole gov n dem secrecy… Rip mr Pyle and Mrs Pyle ..sad this happen ..we pray that god will guide your family true

  • ExPPP_Man

    Tonton Macouts is here again.

  • Parbudin Mackanlall

    Leave high speed chases,stops and searches etc to the police, but by all means continue the surveillance. Just ensure that it is done covertly and that no one is able to accuse anyone of trespassing, intimidation or harassment.The activity will have to be well coordinated so that anyone who wants to run can be stopped by the police for dangerous driving or speeding and charged. They will then have the opportunity to search the vehicle. I can’t get rid of the feeling that the security services were really on to something here.