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PPP accuses Gov’t of misusing security forces for political purposes

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee says that the APNU+AFC administration owes the country an explanation into the apparent misuse of Guyana’s security forces for political reasons.

This is after a Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Intelligence

GDF Intelligence Officer, Robert Pyle.

GDF Intelligence Officer, Robert Pyle.

Officer Robert Pyle was recently involved in a fatal accident that left both him and his wife dead.

After the accident reports had surfaced to the effect that Pyle was on a covert surveillance mission. There has been no clarity as to whether the Officer was conducting surveillance on the children of Winston Brassington or the wife of PPP Parliamentarian Charles Ramson Junior.

Rohee at a press conference on Monday said that the revelations reek of an impending return to the Burnham era where the security forces were allegedly misused to spy on civilians and political opponents of the then regime.

“This particular incident has raised questions about a return to the Burnham era,” said the Leader of the PPP.

Rohee also questioned why is it that the Officer was accompanied by his wife while conducting official duties for the GDF.

“This particular incident is a clear example of the reckless misuse of the security” regime for political purposes,” stated Rohee adding that it is an “ominous sign of things to come.”

Rohee wants the government to issue a public statement explaining these circumstances. He also wants an explanation into who is giving ‘political directions’ to the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU).

  • Keith Williams

    The PPP was paying GDF officers from the OP. If the soldier in question was part of a GDF intelligence detail keeping tabs on Brassington, why is that political. Brassington is under investigation for matters that rise to the criminal status of grand larceny. Obviously flight has to be a consideration in this respect.

    The question that arise from this disclosure and accident is whether it was an accident indeed, or a deliberate killing of an operative by people who were aware of what he was doing.

    • Rasabebe

      the govt has the right in the national interest to conduct surveilance.

    • Andrew edwards

      Are you somehow retarded? That logic makes no sense. The Guyana Defence Force has no reason to be involved in financial crimes. That is for the Guyana Police Force. THE GDF only deals with national security threats.

  • Emile_Mervin

    Why would a GDF officer be engaged in intelligence surveillance of regular citizens who pose no security threat to the government or national interests? Worse, that such surveillance was done while the officer’s wife was in his car? Makes no sense!

    Where exactly did this surveillance theory or allegation originate from?

    If the coalition government wants Brassington, all it has to do is seize his passport and or blacklist him at CJIA. And of what political value is Charles Ramson, Jr., that he needs to be politically monitored?

  • Gtloyal

    Did you, as a minister, ever authorize something like what you are accusing the security forces of here Mr Rohee? And do remember what happened to Pinocchio.

  • Johnjohn

    The rule of thumb with Rohee and Co is: whatever they accuse you of, you can be 1000% confident it is exactly what they were up to.