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Daily Archives: September 20, 2015

FEATURE: Voluntary killer- Tobacco Use

by Tamara Rodney Raj (not his real name) smokes one and a half packs of cigarettes each day. At 37, this goldsmith  is among the large number of smokers in Guyana who started this habit in their early teens. “I start to smoke when I was about 14. Me father show me how to do it and I never stopped ...

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Plans afoot to revive Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank

Government plans to revive an agricultural and development bank, a financial institution the Private Sector Commission (PSC) welcomes but emphasises must be properly managed.  Prime Minister Moses Nagamoootoo at the weekend announced at the Berbice Expo that government has decided to re-establish the bank more than 10 years after it was wound up. “To provide seed capital to investors and ...

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